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Get the Guide: What To Do After You Found a Tech Startup

How to Read a P&L Statement

Small Team, Big Results: How a Lean Startup Saves Time and Money with Pilot

Helping “Trash” Make Treasure: How This Startup Wins Competitive Grants with Pilot

3 Signs It’s Time to Switch Bookkeepers (Before Tax Time)

How Pilot Helped a Viral Food Blog Grow Its Digital Media Empire

How Good Are Your Books? Take Our Quiz!

How to Leverage Your Back Office for Growth

How to File an Income Tax Extension for Your Startup

Bookkeeping with Pilot: How It Works

What to Know About the July 15 Tax Deadline

How Investors Evaluate Your Business

PPP Loan Forgiveness: What We Know

PPP Flexibility Act: New Deadlines, New Spending Rules

How startups might benefit from the new federal stimulus bill

How to Create (and Use) Your Business’s Budget

Pilot Partners with Gusto for Streamlined R&D Tax Credit Claims

Ask a VC: Fundraising in the COVID-19 Era

Resource: Adapting Your Financial Plan to a Changed Economy

Watch: R&D Tax Credit Essentials

Understanding Your Cash Flow

The PPP has run out of money. Now what?

PPP/CARES update: April 14

Watch: Making Sense of the CARES Act and the PPP

PPP/CARES update: April 5

Estimate Your PPP Loan Amount With This Calculator

PPP/CARES update: April 2

PPP/CARES update: March 31

Fireside Chat: Financial Strategies for Startups in Times of Uncertainty

What Does the Coronavirus Mean for Your Taxes?

The Top 5 Startup Bookkeeping Mistakes

Getting Tax Help: How Late is Too Late?

Business Tax Terms: A Beginner’s Guide

Getting Ready for Your Company’s First Tax Season

How the R&D Tax Credit Can Save your Business up to $250,000 a Year—and How to Claim It

Pilot Launches Three New Products That Reach Beyond Bookkeeping and Tax

Pilot’s Guide to Navigating Tax Deadlines

Automated Bookkeeping: Why You Need These Four Tools (And Not Just One Great Bookkeeping Service)

Bookkeeping Software for Business: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Pilot’s Founding Story: How We Set Out to Build the Best Bookkeeping Service in the World

Small Business Expenses: The Most Important Deductions and How to Track Them

Financial Management for Small Business Owners

The Four Basic Financial Statements

How to Set — and Achieve — Financial Management Goals

QuickBooks vs. Xero vs. Wave: Which Bookkeeping Software Is Right for You?

Chart of Accounts Examples and Tips to Set Your Finance Team Up for Success

How to Set Up a Small Business Bookkeeping System

How Much Do Bookkeepers Charge: A State by State Breakout

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: A Detailed Breakdown of Costs, Facts, and Business Needs

Announcing $40M in Series B Funding and Pilot Tax

Double-entry vs. Single-entry Bookkeeping

E-Commerce Bookkeeping: Key Points to Consider in a Bookkeeping Solution

14 of the Best Tools for Startups in 2022

How to Choose a Bookkeeping Software

Why Cash-Basis Accounting Could End up Sinking Your Startup

Mixing Personal and Business Expenses Is More Than a Tax-Time Headache — Here’s Why (And How to Fix It)

How to Automate Your Business’s Bank Reconciliation

Burn Rate Calculator: Calculate Your Burn Rate and Startup Runway

How to Hire Accountants

Bench vs. Pilot: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Bookkeeping Services for Business Owners

Don’t Make These Three Common Cap Table Mistakes

What Does a Bookkeeper Do? (Plus How to Find a Good One)

Sujay Jaswa on How to Grow Your Early-Stage Business

How to Raise a Series A

How to Build and Scale Your Engineering Team

Meraki’s Hans Robertson on Building a Startup Finance Team

Wave Capital’s Sara Adler on How to Get Your Startup Acquired

Stripe’s Stacie Faggioli on How to Structure Your Financial Organization

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