A Tactical Guide to Your Startup’s Back Office

From the team at Pilot.com

You started your startup because there’s something you’re excited to bring into the world: a product you want to make or a service you want to provide, and you’re excited to devote your energy to making that happen. What you probably didn’t realize is that there’s also a bunch of stuff you have to do that no one really tells you about: all of the essential back-office-y things you need to do to have a real company.

We're proud to present our tactical guide to navigating all of that back-office complexity. We hope you enjoy it.

Who we are, and why we wrote this guide
Why and how to incorporate, other important things you should do, and what you can safely ignore
How to pick a cofounder, and key questions to answer before you start working together
Coming soon: Setting up your finance stack, accounting 101, charging customers, taxes, hiring, and equity. Subscribe below to get notified.
A checklist for things you should do after raising a round


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