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Setting up your finance stack

  • The basics of financial hygiene (avoiding commingling, separating out business and personal expenses ASAP)
  • What systems you should set up right away (bank, credit card, etc.) and why
  • What are valid business expenses, and what are your recordkeeping obligations around them?
  • Treasury management 101 for startup founders
  • Common pitfalls you should absolutely avoid

Finance and accounting

  • Basic accounting concepts: what is accounting? How do I read a financial statement?
  • When do I actually need accounting? What can I usefully derive from my accounting records?
  • Should you DIY? How should you DIY?
  • Responding to investor information requests

Collecting money from customers

  • Considerations around getting your first sale: what is a quote? What is an invoice? How do you actually get money from people?
  • Best practices for invoicing and what payment methods you should accept
  • AP and AR: what are they? What are hygiene best practices?
  • The importance of annual prepayments


  • What are my tax obligations, in general, and how do I deal with them?
  • Important tax dates and FAQs
  • You have to file taxes even if you didn't make any money
  • You have to file taxes for a given year even if you were incorporated for just one day
  • What do you actually need to file?
  • What's the deal with Delaware franchise tax?
  • Sales tax
  • Special considerations for foreign founders
  • Special considerations for companies with remote employees

Hiring people

  • How do you hire people?
  • Categorization: employee vs. contractor, full-time vs. part-time, exempt vs. non-exempt
  • Employment paperwork: CIIA, NDA
  • State registrations
  • Worker's Comp
  • Payroll
  • Do you have to pay yourself?
  • How much should you pay yourself?
  • Hiring people internationally
  • Other business insurance?
  • Benefits, selecting benefits, and what's appropriate in the early days


  • Issuing equity
  • 83(b) elections
  • Vesting considerations: vesting schedule, cliffs
  • Single-trigger and double-trigger acceleration—and our views on it
  • How much equity should someone get? What does it mean?
  • Frequent employee questions about equity
  • Cap table management 101
  • 409(a) valuations

Other considerations

  • Your other miscellaneous obligations
  • Record-keeping obligations
  • Data rooms
  • QSBS

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