Pilot Core

Starting at $150/month
  • Our lowest cost service—a better value than even a budget bookkeeping firm
  • Same commitment to accuracy and support as our more expensive plans
  • For companies with simple needs today who want to be well-prepared for the future
Your expenses
Plan cost
if prepaid annually

Pilot Plus

Starting at $1,000/month
  • Bookkeeping tailored specifically to the needs of your company
  • For companies with more complex bookkeeping and reporting needs, due to size, industry, maturity, or other obligations
  • Significantly lower cost than outsourcing your bookkeeping to a traditional full service bookkeeping or accounting firm

Feature comparison

Core Plus
Accrual basis bookkeeping yes yes
Quickbooks Online Essentials subscription included (a $35/mo value!) yes yes
Dedicated account manager yes yes
No arbitrary limit on number of transactions or connections yes yes
P&L, Balance sheet, Cash flow statements yes yes
Payroll and balance sheet reconciliation yes yes
Chart of accounts standard custom
Reimbursement/check volume low high
Burn rate calculations yes yes
Advanced revenue recognition bookkeeping yes
Custom reporting yes
Multiple entity support yes
Comprehensive AR/AP tracking & reporting yes
Supporting schedules yes
Support for classes/departments/locations yes

In addition, we also provide as needed:


I don’t see exactly what I need here. Can I customize something to fit my business?

Of course! Contact us and we’d be happy to put together a custom quote that gives you exactly what you need.

How do these prices change as I grow? Will you be constantly updating my price every month?

Pricing won’t fluctuate every month. We keep the price the same until there are significant changes in the business.

If I prepay for a year, does that lock in my price?

Prepaying can help reduce your costs because Pilot won’t change your price mid-year unless your monthly expenses jump up by at least two tiers or your bookkeeping complexity increases significantly. For example, if your expenses are $25k/month and you prepay for a year, your price usually won’t change unless you consistently exceed $75k/month in expenses.

Why is pricing correlated with expenses?

Of all the models we looked at, expenses were most closely correlated with business complexity. We wanted to create a simple and transparent pricing which is why it’s based on expenses instead of a complicated formula like number of accounts or transactions.

Do you offer services that aren’t on this list?

Yes. Please contact us and we’d be happy to put together a quote for you.

Do I have to sign up for a year in advance?

We want you to use Pilot because you’re happy with the service, not because you signed a contract. You can cancel or switch providers anytime. If you cancel prepaid service, we provide a refund for all full months unelapsed. If you’d prefer to pay monthly, that’s also an option.

Do you charge hourly fees or extra fees if I have questions and need help?

No. You pay one flat monthly price for everything.