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Pilot Quality Check runs on top of your Quickbooks Online account to analyze your records and flag any potential issues. Get the information you need to quickly locate costly bookkeeping errors, without time-consuming manual work.
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Why businesses use Pilot Quality Check

Accurate bookkeeping is vital for a successful business. It’s also complex and time-consuming, with a lot of opportunity for mistakes. Businesses trust Pilot Quality Check to analyze their Quickbooks Online (QBO) account, and provide an objective assessment of the overall health of their books.

Pilot Quality Check evaluates QBO data against a comprehensive list of factors, built on Pilot’s experience as the bookkeeper of record for over a thousand companies, and delivers an easy-to-understand report with actionable insight.

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Best Practices

  • Update frequency
  • Transaction categorization
  • Chart of accounts status

Standard Bookkeeping

  • Revenue handling
  • Payroll accounts
  • Expense transactions

Advanced Financials

  • Month-over-month variances
  • Profit & Loss values
  • Balance Sheet status
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Getting started with
Pilot Quality Check is easy

1. Connect your QuickBooks account

To run, Pilot Quality Check needs access to your QuickBooks Online account. We apply the same rigorous security practices that we do for our customers, and the access will terminate after your report is complete.

2. Get your quality report, get back to business

Pilot Quality Check will run a series of 25+ checks on your data. Within 7 days, you'll get a detailed quality report to illustrate your books' status, and we'll share if we identified any critical issues that deserve your attention.

3. Get a free consultation with a Pilot expert

For example, checking whether financial accounts are reconciled with QBO, there aren't duplicate transactions, and there aren't massive increases month over month in some accounts.

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