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Get a team exclusively focused on keeping your cap table accurate and up-to-date.

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What we do

Our team specializes in cap table management, making sure that all stock transactions are recorded accurately—whether it’s issuing new stock grants, transferring equity ownership, or repurchasing unvested shares.

Why we're different

We give stock admin the undivided attention it deserves.

Seamless end-to-end process

We’re here to take care of the entire cap table management process for you. From information gathering to recording the transactions, we handle it all.

Complete focus

Our focus is entirely on stock administration, which means we're here when you need us. You can count on us to be responsive and timely, so you can make important decisions confidently.

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Cost-effective expertise

Our team is led by a seasoned industry veteran with 15+ years of stock administration experience at top law firms. We’re well-positioned to support you and do so at a budget-friendly rate.

How it works

We handle everything related to your cap table. One of the many services we cover is helping you issue and keep track of stock grants. Here’s a peek into how that process works:

Information Gathering

We collect the equity grant information that needs to be reflected in your cap table directly from your offer letters.

Cap Table Update

We load your equity grants into your equity management platform and have a second set of eyes review it for accuracy.

Approval Process

We coordinate board approvals and follow up with employees to make sure they receive and accept the grants.


Stock Admin

$399  / hour  (prepaid annually)

Additional hours beyond the base subscription billed at $450/hour


Are you a replacement for our equity management platform?

No, we maintain your equity management platform for you. We would be doing the same administrative tasks that you or your lawyer would be doing.

Do I have to use an equity management platform?

Yes. At this time our offering is only available for users of equity management platforms. If you are using another product and are interested in Stock Admin, please get in touch.

Are you a replacement for our lawyers?

It's important to remember that we are NOT replacing your lawyers. However, we do perform the administrative tasks that a paralegal or junior associate at your law firm would typically do to manage your cap table. You should retain your lawyers to continue to provide legal advice and drafting of agreements.

How do you work with our lawyers?

When we identify the need for lawyer participation with a particular item, we work side-by-side with your lawyer to get sound advice so you can make a well informed decision.

What stock admin services do you offer?

We cover anything having to do with the management of your cap table. That includes: recording stock or option grants to new hires, seeking board approvals, repurchasing unvested shares when an employee leaves, managing stock transfers, issuing securities to your investors, and more.

How does pricing work?

Our annual prepaid pricing is determined by your hiring plans. We will tailor a plan based on your projected hiring needs for the next six months. Any additional hours required beyond the base subscription will be billed monthly as needed.

Do I need to be working with a certain payroll provider?

Yes. We currently support customers who work with Rippling, Gusto, TriNet, ADP Workforce Now, Sequoia One, or Justworks.

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