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What Is a Fractional CFO and Do I Need One?

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How to Ace Your YC Interview

Top 9 Y Combinator Application and Interview Tips You Need to Know

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Lessons From Failure: What To Do When It’s Not Working

5 Ways Founders Can Improve Their Personal Finances

How to Lead Your Company With Confidence, Compassion, and Strength During Uncertain Times

Cash Management for Startup Founders

What you need to know re: the SVB situation

VC Fireside Chat: What You Need To Know for Early-Stage Success

Announcing Founder Tactics 2023

How to File Your Startup Taxes the Right Way

How to Recession Proof Your Annual Budget

Getting a Competitive Interest Rate for Your Startup Capital

How to File Your Delaware Franchise Tax On Time

Is Once per Year Bookkeeping a Good Idea?

Ask a CPA: Your Startup Tax Questions Answered

5 Tips for Fundraising in a Downturn

6 End-of-Year Mistakes That Startups Should Avoid

Get the Guide to Claiming the R&D Tax Credit

Annual Budgeting Guide for Startups

Dealing with a Downturn: How to Prepare for a Dip in the Market

4 Signs You Need to Step Up Your Startup’s Bookkeeping

Silicon Valley Has a Bookkeeping Problem

Startup Tax Prep: How to Find the Right Tax Provider

Bookkeeping and Taxes: When Is It Time to Stop DIY?

How to Reduce Your Startup’s Operating Expenses

How Changes to R&D Expensing in 2022 Affect Your Business

COGS vs Expenses: What’s the Difference?

6 E-Commerce KPI Metrics You Need to Monitor

How to Approach Budgeting During an Economic Downturn

Startup Tax Filing: What You Need to Know

How to Scale While Saving Time and Money

The 2022 Pilot Founder Salary Report

A Former Founder Shares 5 Important Lessons

How to Calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

4 Mistakes That Second-Time Founders Need to Be Aware Of

Beating the Bear: How to Navigate a Turbulent Market

The Four Things That Matter When You’re After Hyper-Growth

Outsourced Bookkeeping: Everything You Need to Know to Find a Bookkeeper You Love

The Recovery Startup Business Tax Credit

How To Get the Most Out of an Accelerator Program

(Re-) Calculating Your Cash Burn Rate in a Downturn

Founder to Founder: Advice for Navigating the Downturn

Personal Finance for Founders: Things to Keep in Mind

E-Commerce Financing: A Guide to Your Options

Tying The Knot with Investors: How to Find the Perfect Fit

What Are the Benefits of an 83b Election?

How to Prepare For a Startup Accelerator Program

3 Sessions I’m Most Excited for at Founder Tactics

Inventory Management Systems for E-Commerce: A Brief Guide

Announcing Founder Tactics 2022

Getting Your First ‘Yes’ From an Investor

How Founders Can Stay Competitive in a Hot Hiring Market

What is an Outsourced CFO?

5 Tips for Startup Hiring

Financial Pitfalls to Avoid With Your Startup

Tax Implications of Converting From an LLC to a C-corp to Consider

Hiring Remote Employees? Here's What You Should Consider

How to Prepare for Your YC Application Video

Bookkeeping Services: How to Find the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

What Are Key Tax Deadlines for Startups?

What Startup Founders Should Know Before an IPO

Tips for Scaling Your Startup Sales Process

How to file a 1099 form for vendors, contractors, and freelancers

Watch: How to secure startup funding and scale

The Pilot Founder Salary Report

New: Expanding our financial insights suite with Recurring Expenses

Understanding Cash-Basis Accounting vs. Accrual-Basis Accounting

MRR vs. ARR: How to Measure SaaS Subscription Revenue

How to Read a Statement of Cash Flows (Plus an Example Statement)

How to Build Your Startup’s Sales Team: A Guide

New: Introducing Flux Insights in Pilot

Watch: Demystifying the Fundraising Process

Understanding Startup Property Taxes

Watch: Raising Your First Round

Watch: What They Don’t Tell You About Acquisitions

What is a Controller, and When Do You Need One?

Startup Guide to California Franchise Tax

How to Get the Most from Your Startup’s Board

What Are Back Office Services?

Startup Stories: How immi Is Disrupting the $42B Ramen Industry

Meet Fintech’s Newest Unicorn

Startup Stories: Lessons Learned From Winding Down Cherry

How to Evaluate an R&D Tax Credit Provider: 3 Questions to Ask

VC Fireside: Lindsay Lee of Authentic Ventures

VC Fireside: Lan Xuezhao of Basis Set Ventures

Pilot R&D Tax Credit: How It Works

Pilot Closes $60M Series C from Sequoia: What Comes Next

Startup Stories: How Welcome Staged a Turnaround

PPP2 is Live: How it Works

How to Read a Balance Sheet

PPP Loans December 2020 Update: What to Know

The End of Year Checklist: Are You Prepared for 2021?

What is Revenue Recognition: A Beginner’s Guide

Watch: How to Get Your Startup Budget Right

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