The 5 Best Alternatives to Bench in 2024

The 5 Best Alternatives to Bench in 2024

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January 2, 2024
The 5 Best Alternatives to Bench in 2024

This list explores the top 5 alternatives to Bench, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Whether you're a startup seeking AI-powered automation or a growing business requiring strategic CFO support, you'll find a strong contender to streamline your finances and empower confident decision-making.

Dive in and discover the perfect financial partner to help your business thrive!

1) Pilot

We are the top US accounting firm specializing in startups. It provides a full range of services, such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, and committed CFO support. We aims to provide entrepreneurs with the financial resources and direction they require to manage development and succeed, going beyond simple bookkeeping.

  • Use Cases: With their fractional CFO services, our team of skilled experts can manage bookkeeping duties, guarantee tax compliance, and even offer strategic financial advice.
  • Features: We usetechnology to ensure a smooth financial management experience by integrating with current company tools. Our team of seasoned accountants, tax experts, and fractional CFOs, who offer industry knowledge and a track record of assisting startups in succeeding, is their main strength.
  • Pricing: Bookkeeping services start at $499/mo. CFO services start at $1,875/mo. You can find more information here.

2) OpStart

OpStart offers entrepreneurs full-stack financial operations. They take care of all the bookkeeping, bill paying, budgeting, and tax filing, freeing up the founders to focus on expanding their company.

  • Use Cases: OpStart is a useful tool for new businesses needing a complete financial management solution. It can be especially beneficial to startups that lack the internal know-how or resources to manage their own accounting, finance, and tax duties.
  • Features: OpStart provides services for tax preparation, including specialized client controllers, clear and reconciled financial accounts, and more.
  • Pricing: Custom pricing based on your requirements.

3) Digits

Digits uses artificial intelligence to automate bookkeeping processes and give companies access to real-time financial data. They offer bookkeeping powered by AI in addition to financial adviser access for strategic planning and well-informed decision-making.

  • Use Cases: Digits is a good choice for companies looking to automate bookkeeping and learn more about their finances. Their AI system saves time for finance teams and business owners by effectively handling data entry and categorization. The financial counselors at Digits also offer insightful analysis and tactical suggestions.
  • Features: Digits sets themselves apart by combining human financial knowledge with state-of-the-art AI technology. Their staff of financial advisors delivers human-powered analysis and strategic counsel, while their AI automates bookkeeping activities to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Pricing: Their pricing starts at $350/month. You can find more information here.

4) Fincent

Fincent offers a blend of professional bookkeeping services and intuitive technologies to streamline bookkeeping for businesses. Their primary offering is bookkeeping, which includes tax filing and spending tracking. This frees up enterprises to concentrate on their main company activities rather than handling financial record-keeping.

  • Use Cases: Small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly those without the internal resources or skills for in-house bookkeeping, can benefit greatly from Fincent. Fincent's effective categorization and record-keeping features are beneficial for businesses that produce a large volume of bills or expenditures.
  • Features: Fincent places a high priority on providing quick, accurate bookkeeping services while keeping an eye on efficiency. They use technology to ensure that your books are always up to date and to streamline processes. To meet a larger range of financial demands, Fincent also provides features like personalized financial reports and add-on services like tax preparation and help with invoicing.
  • Pricing: Fincent’s pricing depends on your startup’s monthly expenses. You can find more information here.

5) Truewind

Truewind provides a complete financial management solution tailored for startups by combining AI and human knowledge. To optimize finances and enable data-driven decision-making, they integrate a specialized concierge service with AI-powered bookkeeping and financial modeling.

  • Use Cases: For entrepreneurs looking for a financial management system customized to meet their specific requirements, Truewind is an excellent choice. Their bookkeeping and other monotonous activities are handled by their AI technology, and their financial modeling tools assist firms in raising capital and making growth plans.
  • Features: Truewind's AI automates bookkeeping and simplifies financial procedures; in addition, their staff of financial analysts and CPAs provides committed assistance and tactical direction. For startups, this cooperative strategy guarantees accurate and perceptive financial management.
  • Pricing: They have custom pricing plans depending on your requirements.

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