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First Republic Bank

Note: If you use a hardware token to log in, please send your Pilot contact a note so they can give you additional details needed.

Please grant Pilot access to First Republic Bank by following the instructions below:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click Setup in the left-hand menu bar.
  • Select Manage Users under the “Advanced Administration” section.
  • Then click Add User.
  • Expand tab: Basic Information. Enter Pilot's information:
  • User ID: usernamebooks
  • First Name: Pilot
  • Last Name: Bookkeeper
  • Email Address:
  • Select: Can send and receive secure messages
  • Click Save Basic Info.
  • Expand tab: Administration Permissions. Select the following options:
  • Payments
  • Let User Reset their Password
  • Dashboard
  • Click Save Administration Permissions.
  • Expand tab: Account Activity and Stop Payment Permissions. Select the following options:
  • All (see screenshot below)
  • Account Inquiry Permissions
  • Documents
  • Click Save Account Activity & Stop Payments Permissions.
  • Expand tab: Transfer Permissions. Select the following options:
  • All
  • Account Transfers
  • View Transfers"
  • Click Save Transfer Permissions.
  • Expand tab: Balance Inquiry Permissions. Select all options.
  • Click Save Balance Inquiry Permissions.
  • Expand tab: Statements Permissions. Select the following options:
  • Statements
  • Click Save Statements Permissions.
  • Expand tab: Reporting Permissions. Select all options.
  • Click Save Reporting Permissions.-IMPORTANT - Expand tab: Payments and Reporting Accounts. Select for each account that you are giving Pilot access to:
  • STD Reports
  • Wire Activity
  • Click Save P&R Reporting Assignments.
  • IMPORTANT - Expand tab: Check Services Account Assignment. Select for each of the account that you are giving Pilot access to:
  • Account Transfers
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Check
  • Dashboard
  • Documents
  • Click Save Check Services Assignment.

If you use a hard token or 2FA to log in to your account, your Pilot team will reach out with next steps.

Page 30 of this PDF has some additional screenshots of the steps involved.

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