Integration Database
City National Bank
Connecting Pilot and...

City National Bank

Login to your City National Bank

  • Click on Admin in the top menu panel
  • Then click on Users
  • Click +Create User
  • Enter Pilot’s information:
  • Name: Pilot Bookkeeper
  • User ID: usernamebooks1
  • Address: PO Box 7775 #86889, San Francisco, CA 94120
  • Email:
  • Click Save
  • Next, click the Pilot Bookkeeper user you created for us, then click Edit Details to the right of View User
  • Then click on the Bank Services tab
  • Check Business Suite and click Save
  • Then click Set Specific Permissions and set the following permissions
  • Payments: Leave all Unchecked
  • Reporting:
  • Check Select All
  • Balance & Transactions:
  • Check Select All
  • Statements
  • Check Select All
  • Payment Reports
  • Check Select All
  • Recurring Payment Exceptions Report
  • Check Select All
  • Checks and Stops Inquiry
  • Check Select All
  • Click Continue at the bottom of the permissions
  • Under Bank Accounts
  • If Pilot should have access to all bank accounts
  • Check the All box in the light blue row at the top named Apply to All Current and Future Accounts
  • If there are only specific accounts Pilot should have access to
  • Check the All box next to each account required
  • Click Update at the bottom of the permissions section
  • Then click the check box next to Please confirm that you have made all required updates before submitting
  • Click Submit

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