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Note: This process will require you (and Pilot) to use a hardware token for account access moving forward. If you prefer not to access your account with a token, please use the instructions for Citibank instead.

  • Call CitiBusiness at 877-528-0990 and tell them you'd like to add a new user to your account.
  • They'll email you a DocuSign form. Fill it with your company contact and address info.
  • Under the 'New User' section add Pilot's information as needed:
  • Name: Pilot Bookkeeper
  • Username: usernamebooks1
  • Email address:
  • Email the form back to the same email address it was sent from.
  • Once the DocuSign form is processed, you'll receive 2 hardware tokens at your company address.
  • Keep one card for yourself (you'll need it to log-in to your CitiBusiness account moving forward).
  • Mail the second card to:
  •, Inc.
  • Log in to your account and click on the “Main Menu” tab.
  • Click the “Account/User Administration” link under the “Account Management” section.
  • Click the “Add New User” button.
  • Under the header "System Administration - Change User / Business", select Add New User.
  • Fill in "User Contact Information" using the same name and contact info listed above.
  • Under "User Profile" check View Statements. Leave all others unchecked.
  • Update the settings of this specific account by clicking View/Edit next to this new user (you may have to go back into "Accounts and Settings"), and grant us view access to all of your accounts and information reporting. You can provide this by calling Citi or visiting your local branch to set it up.
  • Under "Wire Set-Up", uncheck all options.
  • Under "Wire Model Set-up" select No Model.
  • Hit Submit, and then OK.
  • Please provide the below information, which allows us to register the hardware token and verify our user access to your account.

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