Marketplace Businesses: How Pilot Helped Cleanly Analyze Financial Metrics

With Mike Lee, SVP Finance

Cleanly is an on-demand dry cleaning and laundry service operating in multiple metropolitan areas, and it services tens of thousands of orders every single month.


Cleanly previously employed an external bookkeeper that did the work manually. Not only was this expensive, but didn’t allow for the business analysis they wanted to incorporate into strategy.


Implementing Pilot allowed Cleanly to gain confidence in their bookkeeping in a scalable way, that also saved the overhead of an additional salaried employee.


The Cleanly team is able to look at granular details of gross margins within the business across business units, geographies, and teams.

The Cleanly Story

Cleanly is a laundry and dry-cleaning service that operates in New York City, Brooklyn and Washington DC. Mike Lee, SVP of Finance at Cleanly, knew that as the company grew and scaled its operations, he wanted to find ways to analyze the decisions they were making and the impact on overall business.

In the past, Cleanly had worked with an external bookkeeper, but those services were becoming costly. More importantly, the work was done entirely by hand and did not allow for the type of granular analysis Mike required to drive the business forward.

I really appreciate the professionalism and expertise that Pilot brings to the table. I had high hopes and Pilot certainly exceeded those expectations.

Mike Lee
SVP Finance, Cleanly


At a company that was growing rapidly, the finance team needed a way to collect, organize, and analyze the data on particular axes, which just wasn’t possible with the work of the previous provider.

The data wrangling and analysis problem was only made more challenging by the fact that the business spanned multiple different countries and U.S. states.

Cleanly needed a way to have confidence in the analysis that resulted from all this data, and the old method of “Oh, someone will just click around in Excel and hope for the best” was not delivering the quality bar that Mike needed to successfully operate the business.

Finally, Cleanly knew that they’d need a solution that was built on industry best practices—that could use tools like QuickBooks Online, Stripe, and others.

pilot customer case study cleanly


When Cleanly learned about Pilot’s “people plus software” approach, they were intrigued—a solution that could help them wrangle and organize complex data from a variety of different sources was quite intriguing.

From the get-go, Cleanly found that Pilot was already very familiar with all the tools they were using—and not only was the team extremely knowledgeable about these tools, they’d also built deep software integrations and created software to help them work with these services in an extremely reliable and robust way.

But it’s not just about the software: Pilot’s account management team serves as another set of eyes to catch errors, unusual occurrences, and to shepherd the work.

With Pilot in place, Mike and his team have visibility into the key financial metrics of the business, allowing the team to make more intelligent decisions that affect the trajectory of the business, and to discover trends and issues at a granular level across different teams, geographies, and different business units.

Life before pilot
Life with pilot
saved using Pilot
hours saved per month

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