Saving Us Time: How Pilot Helped Bridge Focus on The Important Things

With Romish Badani, CEO & Founder

Bridge works with companies around the world to help them efficiently onboard and employ workers with immigration needs.


Bridge simply didn’t have time to worry about bookkeeping—and so it was delayed as long as possible, and then painfully dealt with when absolutely necessary.


Implementing Pilot helped Bridge become more proactive about their bookkeeping, rather than reactive.


Now the founders and employees have time they can reallocate towards higher priorities, like revenue and growth.

The Bridge Story

Bridge is a full-service corporate immigration provider that combines modern, purpose-built technology and high-touch legal expertise to transform the traditionally inefficient, frustrating and reactive immigration function. The company is successful and profitable.

Pilot got me out of the weeds, and empowered me and my team to zoom out and focus on the highest-priority, highest-value initiatives.

Romish Badani
CEO, Bridge


Bridge’s founding team was laser-focused on one thing: the success of their clients. Helping their own clients with one of their most important challenges (hiring and retaining talented employees) is Bridge’s central focus, and that’s visible when you talk to their customers.

Unfortunately, that didn’t leave much time for the bookkeeping. Every year, their tax preparer would be on their case: “We need to get your books in order or we can’t do your taxes.” Because time was so scarce, bookkeeping was always one of the things that Romish Badani, Bridge’s CEO and founder, put off.

So while Bridge’s customers were getting a lot of love, Bridge’s internal finances were not, which made it hard to ask very specific questions about the books.

Badani knew something had to be done. As a tech-enabled services company founder himself, he wanted to work with a provider that leveraged technology themselves… but also a provider that wasn’t going to lock them into a proprietary system they would be stuck in.

pilot customer case study bridge


It was clear to Badani that outside help was needed. Badani was drawn to Pilot’s tech-enabled model: people doing what people do best, software doing what software does best.

Best of all, Badani loved that the Pilot team worked in QuickBooks Online, and the team was able to pick up where he left off, with no migration needed. Other than getting the Pilot team access to all accounts, the Bridge team had little involvement when it came to work during onboarding.

”The onboarding was easy, and there was minimal to no effort required on my side, and it didn’t require any process changes. Which was exactly what we were looking for,” said CEO Romish Badani.

“I was really drawn to the marriage of technology and bookkeeping services. But I also appreciated Pilot’s level of strategic involvement—as a real partner who could help us think not just about the books but about the company more holistically,” he said.

The team saw an immediate improvement. Rather than waiting until the end of the year to have the books be up-to-date, the team was able to review items every single month, in a way that was more manageable—and much more accurate, allowing the Bridge team to continue to focus their priorities on helping their customers.

Life before Pilot
Life with Pilot
saved using Pilot
hours saved per month

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