E-commerce Businesses: How Pilot Helped Sundaily Prepare for Growth

With Chris Tolles, Co-Founder

Sundaily is skincare in a daily gummy. Their evidence-based gummies fight back against external stressors and promote healthier, better-looking skin.


Sundaily is an early-stage high-growth company that wants high-quality books but doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on them.


Implementing Pilot allowed Sundaily to get high-quality work with minimal effort. Pilot also integrated with the other platforms Sundaily was already using, ensuring that the team was on the best-in-class tools.


The CEO spends less than an hour a month thinking about bookkeeping, and can instead be thinking about Sundaily’s growth strategy and other business functions.

The Sundaily Story

Sundaily is a botanical-based product that promotes skin health and beauty. As a Harvard-trained postdoc dermatology researcher and Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare, CSO Dr. Emilia Javorsky had the skincare science for the product under control. But when it came to the company’s finances, CEO Chris Tolles felt that things could be done better, and began searching to see what they could do differently.

As an early-stage startup, Sundaily was putting into place many processes for the first time. How could they set themselves up for success when it came to bookkeeping?


Because they are an early-stage startup, Sundaily’s main focuses are growth and execution. As a result, if there’s anything they can do to make their other workflows more efficient, they’re excited to make that investment—and bookkeeping was no exception.

After hearing about Pilot, Tolles decided that this was a service the team needed to implement. Bookkeeping was critical and Tolles recognized that putting in place a robust solution early would mitigate a lot of pain down the road. After discovering Pilot and its low-touch, high-quality service, he was sure it could help streamline his workload and put his mind at ease.

The biggest challenge: how could he tell how effective Pilot would be, when he himself did not have an accounting background?

pilot customer case study sundaily


Once Chris began using the platform, he found Pilot’s experts to be an invaluable resource. Pilot’s technology integrated easily with other platforms, and the Pilot team was able to provide white-glove support when he needed it—making him confident that they had things under control.

The fact that Pilot’s team was able to provide such attentive service is owed to its unique mix of people and software: because the Pilot team has software to help with the most mechanical pieces, the team can focus on a world-class customer experience.

Pilot gives me software when a software approach is best, and a human when a human approach is best. I could tell that the 95% of stuff that could be automated would be, and I was reassured that there would always be a human being on the other end of an email whenever I needed that.

Chris Tolles
CEO, Sundaily

As promised, Pilot has also saved Tolles and team significant time: he now spends less than an hour each month thinking about the business’s books, and reallocating that time to more strategic priorities is essential—especially for an early-stage company.

My dedicated account manager is always patient, and I’ve never felt like I’ve annoyed them. I’ve never gotten the brush-off, and I feel like he values teaching me and making sure I understand the state of the business. That feels above and beyond: really exceptional customer service.

Chris Tolles
CEO, Sundaily

Sundaily continues to grow its business, knowing that there’s no need to be stressed about bookkeeping—Pilot has it covered.

Life before Pilot
Life with Pilot
saved using Pilot
hours saved per month

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