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Get the Guide: What To Do After You Found a Tech Startup

Get the Guide: What To Do After You Found a Tech Startup

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Laura Knight
September 16, 2020
Get the Guide: What To Do After You Found a Tech Startup

Founding a startup is a huge, exciting step. You had a vision, you went after it, and now you’re making it a reality.

Running a successful company, however, requires more than vision. Particularly on the financial side, there are a lot of tasks and considerations that aren’t necessarily familiar to founders who are more comfortable writing code or pitching customers. A question we frequently hear from our startup clients is, “now what?”

So frequently, in fact, that we wrote a guide to answer it.

Download the guide: So You've Founded a Tech Startup

So You’ve Founded a Tech Startup is designed to help new founders get what they need to build a strong financial foundation at their new tech startup. The guide is broken down into five chapters, to help you easily find what you need to know:

  1. The Fundamentals: The basics to starting your business off on the right foot, including best practices around accounting, business expenses, and more.
  2. How to Read Your Financial Statements: A detailed overview of the information in your main financial statements, including clear, easy-to-follow examples.
  3. How to Set Up a Budget: What goes into building a good business budget, and how it can help you improve your decisionmaking.
  4. Managing Your Business Taxes: A look at various types of business taxes, which ones might apply to you, and what you’ll need to file.
  5. Measuring the Health of Your Business. An overview of the most common metrics for understanding how your business is performing, and why they matter (to you and your investors).

Download it free, and don’t forget that we’re always here if you have questions.

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