Fireside Chat: Financial Strategies for Startups in Times of Uncertainty

The global economy has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. For startups, this can mean that last month’s business plan no longer applies. As a founder, what do you do in a suddenly more challenging environment?

Many of our clients have recently reached out, asking just that. To share their answers, Pilot co-founders Jeff Arnold and Jessica McKellar recently sat down for an online fireside chat: Financial Strategies for Startups in Times of Uncertainty.

Pilot’s co-founding team has experience running a startup in a downturn – their first company was founded during the 2008 financial crisis, and eventually made a successful exit in 2011. Jeff and Jessica shared what they learned from starting a company in the last recession, and what founders can do in the coming weeks to position themselves for success. 

The session covered an analysis of the current crisis and its potential impact on startups, how to understand your company’s position, and the steps you can take now to help your business, plus a Q&A with attendees. 

If you missed it, you can still watch the recording – and if you still have a question that isn’t answered, we’re always here to help

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