Pilot Does Your Books.
You Do Your Business.

You didn’t start a business to track financial statements or make cash flow spreadsheets. But we did. Pilot gives you back the freedom to focus on your business, knowing your own bookkeeping expert will send you an accurate, detailed report every month.


Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

Whether you’re starting fresh or switching from an existing service, getting started is easy. A dedicated Pilot account manager will take care of everything. You’ll work with the same account manager each month, so you can count on them to learn the unique ins-and-outs of your business — and cheer you on as you succeed.


Send Your Transactions — Automatically

Say goodbye to exporting CSV files and emailing attachments. Pilot integrates automatically with the services your business already uses. Your account manager will walk you through collecting initial details and from there the process is reliable and automatic. In fact, if you want assistance connecting other services (like Gusto or Expensify), Pilot’s got you covered.


Get Your Report,
Get Back to Business

While you’re focused on your business, your account manager is focused on your books. Each month, you'll receive a detailed report containing your profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement for the prior month.

What Makes Pilot Different?

Pilot uses a special blend of custom software and passionate people to deliver accurate, consistent bookkeeping.

Frequently Asked

Bookkeeping is an important foundation for any business, so we understand if you have questions. We address common concerns in our FAQ — but always feel free to reach out with specific questions.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is a simple monthly subscription where you pay for what you use based on your expense rate in the prior 3 months. See our pricing page for more details.

Is support included? Can I ask questions?

Yes! Support is included as part of your plan. Your dedicated account manager is happy to answer any questions you might have. We strive to address questions in a business day or less.

What's the difference between accrual and cash bookkeeping?

Cash bookkeeping only looks at when money enters or leaves a bank account. Accrual bookkeeping is a more sophisticated approach that records when the money was earned or owed. Most larger companies use accrual and Pilot does accrual from day one so there’s no painful transition later.

What companies is Pilot suited for?

Generally, our customers are startups, technology companies, and nonprofits with 1–300 employees. But we think Pilot is a great match for any forward thinking company no matter the industry. If you’re not sure Pilot is right for you, please get in touch with us.

Start Pilot Today

Signing up for Pilot is easy. We think once you experience truly stress-free bookkeeping, you won’t want to go back.