Watch: R&D Tax Credit Essentials

For startups looking to extend their runway, the R&D tax credit can be a considerable lift. Introduced by Congress to encourage American innovation, the credit allows companies to claim up to $250,000 against their payroll taxes, or more if they pay income taxes.

Provided, of course, that they qualify.

While the R&D Credit offers a significant opportunity, claiming it isn’t easy. Determining your qualification can be complex, and the required documentation is substantial. For some companies, it may seem too difficult to be worth pursuing – which in turn means they miss out on potentially large tax savings. 

If you’re considering the R&D Tax Credit but not sure where to start, we have a webinar for you. Our internal experts Pranav Piyush and Kate Miltenberger recently sat down to discuss everything you need to know:

  • What activities qualify (and which don’t)
  • How to mitigate risks the risks associated with the credit (particularly audits)
  • Steps to take to claim your credit

Watch the recording here, and learn how to get started today.