Meet Fintech’s Newest Unicorn

Today, we’re excited to share we’ve expanded our Series C, doubling our valuation to $1.2Bn and increasing the amount raised to $100M with additional investment from Bezos Expeditions and Whale Rock Capital. We’re honored to officially be a unicorn! 

This is very exciting news – not only for the new milestone, but also the investors we are partnering with. At Pilot, we have been very careful to curate partners that are a good fit for our goals and values, and who can help us build Pilot’s business not just financially, but through their knowledge and expertise.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment company of Jeff Bezos, signing on as an investor in Pilot. Our customers are at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s further streamlining how we deliver books, or expanding the services we offer to take more tasks off of business owners’ shoulders, our guiding principle is always “how can we make the back office experience even better?” Bezos’s legendary “customer obsession” is a perfect fit for our customer-focused business model, and this partnership will help us double down on that mission.

Whale Rock Capital represents a different part of the Pilot vision: building to last. Whale Rock is a top $10Bn public fund, with an evergreen mandate. In other words, Whale Rock invests in companies with the intention that those companies will grow and thrive in the long term. This is key for us: we’re trying to make a lasting difference for how businesses manage their back office, and we’re pleased to have a long-term partner in Whale Rock.

All in all, our expanded Series C now equals $100M in new investment. That’s $100M to put towards fixing more areas of the back office, for more companies than ever before. We couldn’t be more excited for what comes next – or grateful to the customers and partners who’ve helped us get here.

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