Pilot Partners with Gusto for Streamlined R&D Tax Credit Claims

Growing companies of all shapes and sizes trust Pilot to help them navigate the complex process of claiming the R&D tax credit, which can be worth up to $250,000 in payroll tax savings every year. Now, we’re making it easier for even more businesses to access this significant credit, at a time when more companies than ever are looking to save money.

We’re excited to announce that Pilot has partnered with Gusto, a provider of payroll, benefits, and HR built for small business. Now, when companies who may be eligible for the credit log into their Gusto dashboard, they’ll see an invitation to try Pilot’s R&D tax credit solution, with an estimate for how much they might be able to save. 

Partnering with Gusto is a natural fit: for many small companies, payroll costs for their R&D staff will be their largest credit-eligible expense. Combined with high-quality books and an experienced R&D study provider, trustworthy payroll records are necessary to determine how much of the credit you might be able to claim – and to assemble the documentation you’ll need to support that claim. 

Pilot’s integration with Gusto for the secure import of payroll data helps calculate and document your expenses more quickly, speeding up the claims process and enabling you to receive benefits more quickly. 

The R&D tax credit can provide growing companies with a significant boost in resources, and with Pilot’s help, claiming it has never been easier. We’re looking forward to extending this opportunity to Gusto customers, and helping more and more businesses make their claim.

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