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3 Sessions I’m Most Excited for at Founder Tactics

3 Sessions I’m Most Excited for at Founder Tactics

Written by 
Waseem Daher
May 3, 2022
3 Sessions I’m Most Excited for at Founder Tactics

I’m incredibly excited for our speaker lineup at Founder Tactics, our one-day, founder-exclusive virtual event. Not only are we going deep on topics that are super-actionable to you as a startup founder, we’re doing it with some of the best in the space.

Here are a few sessions that I’m particularly excited for:

What To Do When It’s Not Working with Hans Robertson

About Hans / Session: What To Do When It’s Not Working

Hans has been a board member at Pilot for over four years, and an advisor and mentor of mine for much longer than that. In this session, we’re going to discuss one of the hardest founder questions: Why isn’t something working, and how do you fix it? We’ll discuss pivoting, downsizing, and personnel changes, and we’ll be taking questions from the audience.

The thing I’m most looking forward to in this session is Hans’s framework about how to debug the problem. In particular: is your issue a strategy issue, or an execution issue? Hans’s key insight for me in the past has been that you need to get in the weeds and really get the facts on the ground if you want to have any hope of making the right decision. As a multi-time startup veteran, he’s got tons of advice and stories to share, and I’m thrilled that I get to join him in a conversation with our founder community.

Effective Leadership Skills with Mathilde Collin

About Mathilde / Session: Effective Leadership Skills

I first met Mathilde at her YC Demo Day pitch for Front in 2014 and have been impressed since then. Not only is she the CEO of a unicorn company, she’s also a thoughtful writer on all things company-building. Her Medium is one of closest things you can get to “an open-source handbook about how to run your company.”  I’m excited to hear Mathilde speak about her process around leadership meetings, 1:1s, transparency, and radical candor. I know I’ll learn something that will make me a better CEO, and I hope you will, too. 

Personal Finance for Founders with Kevin Slemp & Jeff Arnold

About Kevin | Jeff / Session: Personal Finance for Founders

Lots of ink has been spilled on what it takes to run a successful startup. However, there’s a lot less out there about personal finance considerations for startup founders. And startup founders are unique: you might have $500 in your checking account but you might also be a paper millionaire.

What are the key facts that you need to know so you can avoid pain later on down the road? What are optimizations that you should be making now? What are the things you can safely defer? Fortunately, Kevin and Jeff have the answers to these questions and much more—this is going to be a particularly great session.

I hope you will join us on June 15 to hear from these amazing speakers, as well as our entire lineup of successful founders, operators, and VCs. I know founders will get answers to questions that only founders would ask and gain real insider perspectives on a number of pressing topics. 

Register now to save your spot. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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