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Announcing Founder Tactics 2022

Announcing Founder Tactics 2022

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April 20, 2022
Announcing Founder Tactics 2022

Turning a big idea into a business and trying to figure out all of the complexities that go with running your startup can be a daunting task for any founder, especially for those who are giving it a go for the first time.

At Pilot, we work with thousands of startup founders and understand the struggles that they’ve had to encounter at every stage of their journey. To that end, Pilot is hosting a one-day, exclusive founder event, Founder Tactics, on June 15, where multi-time founders, VCs, and industry experts will share actionable insights that are designed to help you separate signal from noise. 

The free, virtual conference will offer answers to questions that only founders would ask and real insider perspectives on a number of pressing topics, such as how to run leadership meetings, secure must-win candidates, pivot when something isn’t working, and scale your business

The advice you get will come from VCs and successful founders who have seen it all, including

Top-tier VCs will share insights on what they wish more startups knew, including how to avoid common mistakes and successful tactics they’ve seen across thousands of investments. Successful and serial founders will offer frank advice on lessons learned from their own experiences.  

How Pilot’s Founder Tactics can set you up for success

It’s no secret that startup founders face a tough journey that’s full of ups and downs, but you don’t have to go it alone.

With the help of experts from both sides of the table at Pilot’s Founder Tactics event, you can find out what investors are searching for and learn how fellow founders have come out on top. 

Register for this free, one-day virtual event exclusively for founders and don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to learn from experts you can trust. 

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