The 2021 Pilot Founder Salary Report

One of the most frequent, consistent questions that we get from our founder partners is, “how much should I be paying myself? What’s normal for a company like mine?”

It’s not a question we had an easy answer for. Actual real-world benchmark data is hard to find, and what was available tended to be too general to help our clients. So, we built the resource our clients (and many others) were looking for.

We talked to 150+ founders from startups around the world, of varying stages and sizes, and got answers to the big questions around salary:

  • How much do they pay themselves?
  • How many employees do they have?
  • How much funding have they raised?
  • Where is their company located? 

The results are compiled in the 2021 report (download it free here).

If you’re looking to answer the salary question for your own startup, we hope it proves helpful as you determine what’s right for you and your company. 

Download the Full Report Here

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