From Literally on Fire to $12M Series A: How Welcome Staged a Turnaround

Welcome’s path to Series A was anything but simple. In March 2020, things looked bleak - not only had the pandemic thrown a wrench in their business, but the Airbnb they were operating out of also burned down. Flash forward 6 months, and Welcome has become a fast-growing digital events company, with a $12M Series A closed in November.

Welcome co-founder/COO Jerry Shen sat down with Pilot co-founder/CEO Waseem Daher for 50 minutes to discuss Welcome’s journey and what they learned along the way, including:

  • How the company pivoted after COVID-19 disrupted their original business
  • How to hire the right people
  • How Welcome approached Series A fundraising
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Jerry Shen

Jerry is the president and cofounder of Welcome, a high-end virtual event platform. A serial entrepreneur, he has started one successful company (Yahoo Fantasy Football) and several duds in between.

Waseem Daher

Waseem is the cofounder and CEO of Pilot. He is a three-time entrepreneur with two successful exits: his first company, Ksplice, was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and his second, Zulip, was acquired by Dropbox in 2014.

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