R&D tax credit 101: Save up to $250,000

If your company qualifies for the R&D tax credit, you could save up to $250,000 per year by offsetting your payroll and income tax liabilities. Businesses across many industries can qualify—including technology, e-commerce, bio-tech, hardware, and more.

Watch the 30-minute Webinar

The webinar covers:

  • What is the R&D tax credit?
  • Am I eligible to claim it?
  • Do I claim it towards income taxes or payroll taxes?
  • How much could I expect to save?
  • What are the deadlines I need to know?
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R&D tax credit that saves you thousands

The R&D tax credit could save your business thousands. We assess your expenses to maximize your credit, prepare documentation to back up your claim with the IRS, and ensure it's applied correctly.

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