Investor Fireside: Lan Xuezhao of Basis Set

In 2017, Lan Xuezhao founded Basis Set, a VC fund focused on AI and “the future of work.” Since then, Basis Set has assembled a portfolio of highly promising seed and Series A companies in the AI space. We sat down with Pilot CEO & co-founder Waseem Daher to talk about her experiences in VC, what she looks for in investments, and more:

  • Why she founded Basis Set
  • What she looks for in early-stage companies and specific metrics that matter
  • Founder mistakes she sees most often
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Xuezhao Lan

Lan is the founding partner of Basis Set Ventures, an early-stage venture firm focused on the Future of Work through artificial intelligence. Previously, she built the Corporate Development Strategy team at Dropbox with 30+ acquisitions.

Waseem Daher

Waseem is the cofounder and CEO of Pilot. He is a three-time entrepreneur with two successful exits: his first company, Ksplice, was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and his second, Zulip, was acquired by Dropbox in 2014.

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