Investor Fireside: Lindsay Lee of Authentic Ventures

Lindsay Lee is the founder and managing member of Authentic Ventures, an early-stage venture fund based in Oakland, California. He has over 20 years of experience as a founder and investor in Silicon Valley. On Thursday 2/25 at 10am PT, Lindsay will sit down with Pilot CEO & co-founder Waseem Daher to share about his experience as an investor, what he looks for in early-stage companies, and more:

  • Why he founded Authentic Ventures
  • Authentic’s focus on investing in women and people of color
  • How he determines product-market fit
  • Advice he gives his portfolio companies
  • Trends he’s seeing in 2021
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Lindsay Lee

A son of Jamaican immigrants, Lindsay has been a founder and investor for over 20 years. In 2016, he founded Authentic Ventures, which invests in and supports early-stage companies through a highly diverse network that overindexes to women and people of color.

Waseem Daher

Waseem is the co-founder and CEO of Pilot. He is a three-time entrepreneur with two successful exits working with the same founding team: his first company, Ksplice, was acquired by Oracle in 2011 and his second, Zulip, was acquired by Dropbox in 2014.

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