Claiming the R&D and Employee Retention Tax Credits

There are two prominent government credits -  Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and R&D Tax Credit - which can yield significant (and essentially free) dollars for your business. Join John McManus, who leads Pilot Tax to learn how new legislation opens up ERC up to PPP borrowers retroactively and expands it prospectively.  Shimin Ooi, who leads Strategic Finance & Business Operations at Pilot and developed the Pilot R&D Tax Credit solutions.

The savings from these two credits could be significant as a 10-employee company (making $40,000 each) can earn $190,000 back after properly maneuvering through ERC. Key topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to determine eligibility
  • How to access and calculate the amount of credit for both ERC and R&D Tax Credit
  • How to determine which health insurance expenses count towards ERC
  • How to best take advantage of the ERC, PPP and other tax credit programs
  • How to document to ensure compliance
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