Last Updated:  December 29, 2022

Pilot Privacy Policy for Tax Services Providers

INFORMATION FOR TAX SERVICES PROVIDERS, Inc. (“Pilot,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) engages with third-party tax services providers to fulfill the Pilot Tax Services.  Representatives from these tax services providers communicate with Pilot personnel and Pilot customers via communication systems managed by Pilot.  The personal information that we collect from these representatives of tax services providers is Business Record Data and we process it as described in our Privacy Policy under Business Record Data, Administrative Data, and General Information.  

Categories of personal information we collected about personnel of our tax services providers in the last twelve months and sources from which we obtain personal information are set forth in the table below:

Personal Information Category




  • Name
  • Business email address
  • Business phone number

  • You, if you choose to provide your name and contact information or the names and contact information of others in your organization
  • Service fulfillment partners

  • Employment-related information

  • Your employer’s name and your job title
  • Your email signature may appear next to a customer satisfaction survey

  • You, if you choose to provide this information
  • Service fulfillment partners

  • Audio and visual information

  • Recording of your voice and likeness in calls or videoconferences with our sales and service delivery personnel

  • You, with your consent

  • Internet activity information

  • Log data generated by our communications tools

  • Our communications management tools