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Date posted: Apr. 1, 2024

Pilot Give $500, Get $500 Referral Limited-Time Offer Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to receive customer referral rewards, you must be an employee of a Pilot customer. To be eligible to receive rewards as the customer referred to Pilot, you must not be a current/former Pilot customer nor in an active conversation with a Pilot representative.

What is the offer?

If a Pilot customer refers Pilot to a new customer by April 30, 2024 who then purchases a subscription to Pilot, we will provide them (the referrer) with a $500 Amazon digital gift card.

If a non-Pilot customer is referred to Pilot by April 30, 2024 and then purchases a subscription to Pilot, we will provide them (the referred company) with a $500 Amazon digital gift card.

How do you define a new customer?

At the time that the Pilot customer refers the non-Pilot customer, they can’t already have an account with Pilot and they can’t have already been referred by someone else or otherwise be registered as a lead with us. The referral must become a Pilot customer within 1 year from the referral. The referral must be a customer for 90 days before they are eligible to receive the gift card.

How do I participate?

    There are two ways to submit a referral:

    1. Fill out this form with your email and your referral's contact information.
    2. Send an email to referrals@pilot.com with your referral’s contact information and cc your referral.

    That’s it! We’ll follow up with them about getting them set up with a Pilot subscription.

    How will I receive the reward?

    After the referral has purchased a Pilot subscription, we will email the referrer a $500 Amazon gift card. After the referral company has been a customer for 90 days, we will email them a $500 Amazon gift card.

    If the total value of cash rewards you have received from Pilot exceeds $600 in one year, you’ll need to provide certain W-9 information so that we can comply with government reporting requirements. You are responsible for any taxes owed on the award.

    Can I refer multiple companies to receive the reward multiple times?