Pilot Plus (+ AP 2x/mo.) Scope of Work


  • Accrual-basis bookkeeping in QuickBooks Online (QBO) updated monthly
  • Reconcile banks and credit cards against their statements
  • Categorize transactions & maintain chart of accounts
  • Coding of expenses by class:
  1. Breakdown of COGS vs. Expenses
  2. Allocation of revenue to its categories
  3. Book deferred revenue entries
  4. Identify and handle prepaid expenses (e.g. annual subscriptions)
  • Record payroll journal entries in QBO to reflect the payroll you’ve paid, reconciled against your payroll processor’s data
  • Monitor & reconcile expense reporting integration from an expense reporting tool
  • Reconcile invoices from e.g. QBO, bill.com, etc.
  • Capitalize and depreciate any fixed assets
  • Generate a monthly report which includes the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows
  • Account manager will email you draft books with any questions/notes from doing the bookkeeping work, and will update books accordingly
  • Processing accounts payable, twice per month, in bill.com (the workflow must involve bill.com ONLY)

Other notes

  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager that is a full-time employee, based in Pilot’s office
  • You can communicate with your account manager as much as you need
  • All the deliverables are included in the flat subscription rate (not billed hourly)
  • Your Pilot account manager can work closely with your tax preparer to get them the information they need to prepare your tax returns
  • There is no limit on the number of monthly transactions or account connections
  • We can provide information and recommendations about software systems (e.g. payroll, expense reporting, etc) useful in running your business

Subscription does not include

  • Payroll processing (we don’t initiate the payroll runs, for either employees or contractors)
  • HR management
  • Tax preparation (Pilot Tax is available at an additional charge.)
  • Making any tax/compliance/regulatory filings
  • Computation of sales tax liability (per-state or otherwise)
  • Preparation of 1099s
  • Collection of vendor W-9s
  • Collections/following up with customers
  • Subscription fee for any software products (e.g. QBO, bill.com, Expensify, Gusto, etc.)
  • Marking invoices as paid more than 1x/month (available at additional cost)