Office Hours with 

Pilot's Founders

Get your burning startup questions answered by Pilot’s three-time founders and execs, in a set of small, candid, confidential sessions.

Office Hours

We’re hosting small group office hour sessions with Pilot’s Founders and Execs at 12pm PT on Fridays, April 5th through May 3rd. We'll cover topics that we most often get questions on from founders.

We’re intentionally keeping the audience small and curated. These sessions won’t be recorded, and you have to apply to attend.

  • April 5th - Compensation and benefits (with Pilot COO Jeff Arnold)
  • April 12th - Personal finance for startup founders (with Pilot COO Jeff Arnold)
  • April 19th - Raising a Seed or Series A (with Pilot CFO Paul Jun, and Pilot CEO Waseem Daher)
  • April 26th -Raising a Series B or C (with Pilot CFO Paul Jun, and Pilot COO Jeff Arnold)
  • May 3rd - Sales and marketing 101 for technical founders (with Pilot CEO Waseem Daher)

With more topics to be announced!

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Pilot handles your startup’s finance, accounting, and tax prep needs, so you can focus on what matters most—building your business. When you work with Pilot, you have a team of US-based accounting experts and fractional CFOs ready to support you at every stage of your company. We're the largest startup accounting provider in the world, and work with 1500+ startups today from pre-seed to Series D.

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Hear from:

Waseem Daher
Co-Founder & CEO
Jeff Arnold
Co-Founder & COO
Paul Jun

Featured Topics:

  • How should founders think about comp and benefits? How do you build a winning strategy for hiring and retaining the best talent?
  • What steps should you take to raise a round, from Seed to Series C?
  • How can a technical founder get up to speed on the basics of sales and marketing?