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The Delaware franchise tax must be paid by all companies that are incorporated in Delaware, regardless of whether or not you’ve generated any revenue or profit.

You have two options:
1. Do it yourself by reading our detailed guide, or
2. Let Pilot prep the filing for you. For free.

Get in touch with us by February 26, and we'll take care of it for you for literally $0.

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This is a free service provided by Pilot on an AS-IS basis and subject to our limited capacity. If we agree to prepare your Delaware Franchise Tax Return, we will create a draft based on the information you provide. You are responsible for your information's accuracy, completeness and timeliness. If we don't get all needed information from you by 2/20/2024, your return could be late with corresponding consequences for your company. You must timely press submit and pay all amounts owed. Please do not provide any payment information (e.g., bank account) to Pilot. We do not undertake to file amendments or corrections to your return, or draft returns for future periods. We may contact you with marketing communications; you can opt out any time.