COVID–19 Resources
for Startups

For startups, the economic upheaval brought on by COVID-19 can seem like the world turned upside down. We’ve put together a collection of resources to help startups stay current on the latest developments, and take action to secure their financial position in a challenging market.

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How to Extend Runway and Lower Burn

May 6 Ask a VC: Fundraising in the COVID-19 Era
Apr 22 Understanding Your Cash Flow
Apr 21 Watch: R&D Tax Credit Essentials
Apr 15 How to Reduce your Startup's Operating Expenses (And Still Get Things Done)
Apr 6 (Re-) Calculating Your Cash Burn Rate in a Downturn
Mar 26 The comprehensive guide to the R&D Tax Credit
Mar 30 Small Business Administration (SBA) guidance & loan resources
Mar 26 Fireside Chat: Financial strategies for startups in times of uncertainty

Navigating the Latest Legislation

Jun 9 How startups can benefit from the new federal stimulus bill
Jun 9 PPP Flexibility Act: New Deadlines, New Spending Rules
May 13 PPP Loan Forgiveness: What We Know
Apr 21 PPP/CARES update: April 21
Apr 16 The PPP has run out of money. Now what?
Apr 14 PPP/CARES update: April 14
Apr 8 Watch: Making Sense of the CARES Act and the PPP
Apr 5 PPP/CARES update: April 5
Apr 3 Estimate Your PPP Loan Amount With This Calculator
Apr 2 PPP/CARES update: April 2
Mar 31 PPP/CARES update: March 31
Jun 9 How startups can benefit from the new federal stimulus bill
Mar 23 What does the coronavirus mean for your taxes?
Mar 23 The Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Mar 18 Department of Labor: Families First Act Q&A

Additional Resources

Apr 9 First Round: The Founder's Field Guide for Navigating This Crisis
Mar 18 Venturebeat: A coronavirus survival strategy for your startup
Mar 10 Geekwire: Startup advice for coronavirus turmoil
Mar 8 Haystack: A quick guide to startup fundraising in a pandemic world