Scope of Work for Pilot Tax Standard


  • 1 federal income tax filing
  • 1 state income tax filing
  • 1 Delaware franchise tax filing (if applicable, for companies incorporated in Delaware)
  • Support for positive net income in tax filings
  • One-time set-up for e-filing 1099-NEC returns and up to 25 1099-NEC filings based on complete contractor/vendor information provided by you. Note that payroll systems (e.g. Gusto) are responsible for generating 1099s for contractors paid through those systems.

Paid add-ons

  • City income tax filings, available for $700 / city
  • Additional state income tax filings, available for $900 / state
  • Additional 1099-NEC e-filings beyond the 25 1099-NEC filings included in your base subscription based on information provided by you, available for $5 / e-filing. 1099-NEC collection of data from vendors, available at $125 / hour
  • Foreign subsidiaries, available for $2,500 / subsidiary
  • Foreign shareholders filings, available for $500 / shareholder
  • Foreign financial accounts filings, available for $500 / FBAR (up to 6 foreign accounts, additional accounts carry an additional charge)
  • Tax consulting services, available starting at $400 / hour depending on scope of work (e.g., tax accounting methodology change, transfer pricing reports, intercompany agreements, etc.)  

Other notes

  • You’ll have a dedicated team available via email for questions
  • You can communicate with your tax preparer as much as you need about the included deliverables. Any client-initiated questions that are unrelated to the included deliverables (for example, requests for transfer pricing reports, intercompany agreement matters, inquiries related to tax provisions, and other tax consulting matters) will be charged as tax consulting services at the specified hourly rate.
  • All deliverables are included in the flat annual rate (not billed hourly)
  • Your tax preparer works seamlessly with your Pilot account manager to prepare your tax returns

Subscription does not include

  • Tax filings for partnerships or LLC’s with income that have foreign partners / members or state nonresident partners
  • R&D tax credit studies and filings (please inquire about Pilot R&D Credit Study)
  • Sales tax advice, calculations, collections, or filings (please inquire about partner introductions)
  • Payroll tax advice, calculations, collections, or filings (we have payroll vendor recommendations)
  • Responding to inquiries or audit examinations from tax authorities - these services may be available after appropriate scoping calls with Pilot