Pilot R&D Credit Study Scope of Work


  • Guidance to identify and determine which expenses qualify for the R&D tax credit for United States federal income tax and payroll purposes
  • Calculation of the amount of qualifying R&D expenses
  • Drafting of supporting technical and financial doumentation required for IRS Forms 6765 and 8974
  • Status updates with respect to your R&D tax credit claim, if and when available, during the calendar year

Service notes

  • You’ll have a dedicated R&D tax credit specialist
  • You can communicate with your R&D tax credit specialist as much as you need
  • All the deliverables are included (not billed hourly)
  • Your R&D specialist will work with your tax preparer for the inclusion of the R&D tax credit study into your annual federal income tax filing

The following tax services are available for additional cost as part of Pilot Tax

  • Business income tax return preparation

The following R&D tax credit services are available for additional cost via our partners

  • Representation if your business federal income tax return is selected for examination

Note about bringing in R&D tax credit experts to assist you

  • As part of providing the Pilot R&D Credit Study service, at no additional cost to you, we will consult with certain firms that specialize in R&D tax credit matters, such as Boast Capital Inc. In order to obtain such assistance to complete your R&D credit study, we will, under non-disclosure obligations that are consistent with Pilot’s terms of service and privacy policy, share information with them, including identifying information and financial information that you’ve shared with us. Some of these specialists are located in Canada, so your information may be processed in Canada. By signing this form, you consent to these disclosures for each year for which you remain a subscriber.