Scope of Work for Pilot Tax Essentials


  • 1 Federal Income Tax Filing
  • 1 State Income Tax Filing
  • 1 City Income Tax Filing
  • 1 Delaware Franchise Tax Filing (if applicable, for companies incorporated in Delaware)
  • 3 K-1 filings (if applicable, for partnerships/LLCs)
  • 10 1099-MISC, W8 BEN, and W8 BEN-E forms — your tax preparer will prepare and send these forms to domestic contractors, foreign contractors, and foreign vendors that were not paid through your payroll provider
  • Note that payroll systems (e.g. Gusto) are responsible for generating 1099s for contractors paid through those systems

Paid add-ons

  • Additional state-level and city-level tax filings (available for $500/jurisdiction)
  • Foreign founder filings (available at $500/filing)
  • Support for foreign bank accounts (available at $500/filing)
  • Switching tax accounting method change — e.g. from cash to accrual ($2k)

Other notes

  • You’ll have a dedicated tax preparer available via email for any and all tax questions
  • You can communicate with your tax preparer as much as you need
  • All the deliverables are included in the flat subscription rate (not billed hourly)
  • Your Pilot tax preparer works seamlessly with your Pilot account manager to prepare your tax returns

Subscription does not include

  • Tax filings for companies with positive net income
  • Tax filings for companies with foreign subsidiaries
  • Sales tax advice, calculations, collections, or filings
  • R&D tax credit studies and filings
  • Collection of vendor W-9s
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