Fundraising in the Era of COVID-19

The economic impact of COVID-19 has required startups to rethink their growth, profitability, and fundraising strategies. Companies looking to raise money in the next year must optimize towards new metrics of success and navigate a tougher fundraising environment than we've seen in years.

We heard from Mark Goldberg, Partner at Index Ventures, Ilya Fushman, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, and Ali Partovi, CEO at Neo as they discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the current fundraising landscape and what the future might look like.

50-Minute Webinar + Q&A

In this panel discussion, moderated by Pilot’s CEO Waseem Daher, they covered:

  • How venture funds are looking at the market today, compared to 2019
  • Key metrics investors are focusing on when evaluating companies
  • Specific advice VCs are giving their own portfolio companies

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