Pilot Quality Check

Pilot Quality Check runs on top of your Quickbooks account to analyze your records and flag any potential issues. Get the information you need to quickly locate costly bookkeeping errors, without time-consuming manual work.

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Get a free report within 7 days

To get started, connect your Quickbooks account

We need line item detail from Quickbooks to do the checks. Please follow the steps below to connect your Quickbooks account.

We will not be storing or saving any of your data. You can unlink Pilot at any time. We follow best practices for security.

How to connect your QuickBooks account

Go to your QBO login: https://qbo.intuit.com/login
Login if you are not already logged in.
Locate the gear icon at the top right portion of your window and click it.
Under the settings section, click Manage Users.
Under the Accounting Firm section, click Invite Accountant. You have up to two accounting firms you can invite, so if you have already invited two and don't want to delete one, contact us.
Enter our email address and name as follows: qualitycheck@pilot.com
Click Next, then Finish, and you're done. Once you're done with all of these steps, click "Next" below.

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