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Coding Transactions: How Pilot Helped CodePen Scale Its Books

With Tim Sabat, Co-Founder

CodePen is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers.


CodePen’s bookkeeping work was cumbersome, highly-repetitive, and error-prone, because of high volumes of small transactions every single month.


It was time for “people and software”. CodePen implemented Pilot to manage thousands of small transactions a month, with unparalleled accuracy.


Since implementing Pilot, CodePen has saved significant time, all with the confidence that their books are kept in great shape.

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The CodePen Story

CodePen is an online code editor that’s entirely web based. Over 3 million developers use it to edit code and see the effects in real time. It’s the perfect tool for developers who are hoping to build a portfolio of work.

While CodePen’s platform allows developers to demonstrate their coding skills in a smooth, effortless way, their bookkeeping was not nearly as seamless. For years, the work was done by an on-staff member of the team, but it was becoming clear that one person could not scale with the amount of transactions coming in on a monthly basis.

Let’s leave it to the professionals, who can not only do it better, but can also do it more affordably.

Tim Sabat

Co-Founder, Codepen


CodePen had utilized an in-house accountant for several years, but the work was rapidly becoming unmanageable as the scale of the business grew. The company was processing thousands of small transactions a month through a variety of payment vendors, like Paypal, Stripe, and Braintree. They needed a solution that could help them with all of the moving parts and one that could move quickly.

The team had been in business for seven years before adopting Pilot, so there was significant history involved. Fortunately, co-founder Tim Sabat had strong conviction about what was required: a service that was easy to put in place and that would require minimal upkeep internally. As their previous in-house team member transitioned to a new role, the urgency here became even greater.

pilot customer case study codepen


It was clear that CodePen needed to work with a company that (1) specialized in their industry—technology startups, and (2) also had the machinery needed to handle their large volume of data and transactions. It couldn’t be the case that everything was just going to be done by person somewhere: that’s precisely the strategy that hadn’t scaled with them in the past.

When the CodePen team discovered Pilot, they were pleasantly surprised to find a team of industry experts, coupled with software superpowers that allowed them to tackle these transaction volumes consistently and reliably.

They were also pleasantly surprised to find that the transition and onboarding proceeded despite the seven years of prior history associated with the account. Pilot provided a solution that integrated with all of their payment providers and required minimal intervention from them.

Since implementing Pilot, CodePen has saved a great deal of time and money—but more importantly, they’re able to sleep well at night knowing that (1) their books are being taken care of in a high-quality way, and that (2) there’s a team that has their back—and because it’s an entire team, they don’t need to worry about someone getting sick, taking PTO, or switching jobs—Pilot has it covered.

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